Pet Abandonment

What is Pet Abandonment ?

By : Lucy Metzler

Pet abandonment is a very serious topic because it is how we get stray dogs and cats. It all happens, because one person puts out their animal because they don't want or can't take care of it anymore so they put it out on the streets. But then they start to have offspring which then have more animals on the street with no food or water because they live on the street. One way to keep the population down is to spay or neuter your dog when they are old enough. Before you get a pet you have to think about all the things that come with being a pet ownership and all the consequences that come with the dog or cat. There are about 70 million homeless dogs and cats, of that 70 million only 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter the 3,500 shelters every year. (The Humane society)

What we can do to help stop pet abandonment?

By: Isabel Robinson

“To stop pet overpopulation we can do many things, we could inform friends and family about this matter. We can adopt an animal knowing what we are getting ourselves into and making a lifetime commitment. Adopt from a legit shelter, when you adopt an animal make sure it is form a legitimate shelter. We should also make sure to spay and neuter so we do not add to the overpopulation. (American Humane Society)