What YOU Can Do!

How YOU Can Support Our Causes!

To help pet abandonment, you can neuter/spay your pets - Lucy Metzler

To stop/prevent child labor (and forced labor in general), you can do plenty of things! First, find out which brands of clothes, furniture, etc. are made from child labor, and stop buying them. Buying them actually encourages forced labor and gives the labor companies money. Another thing you can do is spread the word, and stop giving the big companies money. And donate to fundraisers! Many kids working don't go to school, and fundraisers provide money so those kids can learn to read and write! -Olivia Fitz

To help girls education, you can inform other people about it and donate to fundraisers. - Kylie Shumard

To help pet abandonment, you can inform others about the matter. - Isabel Robinson

To help gun violence, you can tell other people about the problem, and fight against it. - Corinne Gustafson

What can we do to help promote girls education in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Well one thing that we could do is try to advocate for their rights to school, sign petition, and maybe even go to marches about it if possible. - Coulter Seidell

To help girls' education, you can donate money to schools in a place were education is limited to help get kids into school - Sasha Boyko

To help girls education, you can support female education campaigns. - Khyla Green

To help child labor, you can stop buying from big manufacturers, and also grow your own food. Start a garden! Make your own clothes! - Grace Sheridan

More importantly in your own community, you could do so much as to reach out to somebody. You could simply give someone an ear, so that they won't feel so alone, and you could even help save a life. - Ione Saunders

A way you can stop child labor is to stop buying products that were produced by children. Another way is to donate funds to groups who are trying to stop child labor.

- Dylan Connelly

A way you can help put a stop to gun violence is going to marches; there are marches all over the world to stop gun violence. - Dylan Fuscia

To help fight against gun violence, you can donate, join in on some of the active ways, and inform people on the issue. - Amelia Carnahan

We could all just stay safe and know how and WHEN to use fire arm. And use your voice, not violence to help others. - London Washington

To help stop bullying or at least help slow it, we can go to or create different anti-bullying gatherings, (of course not right now). - Alex Grau

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